“In January of 2009 I was involved in a debilitating car accident while riding my bike, training for a sprint

I spent almost a month in and out of the hospital. After 7 surgeries, 35lbs lost, and tons of rehab I came to the
hard realization that I couldn't even think of getting back to race form without some serious professional help. I
made a decision that if my life was going to be different due to my injuries then it was time to rebuild the body
from square one.

Seeing as I couldn't do that on my own I contacted Denise.

Due to the nature of my injuries I wasn't able to bike or swim, yet. But, I was able to run, and at the time of
this writing I am undergoing intense rehabilitation to regain those two lost disciplines. And with Denise in my
corner the entire way I know I'll be back sooner than later.

After about two months working under her skilled hands I was mashing out runs faster than anything previously, and
with injuries! It became obviously clear to me that she knew exactly what I needed to get back to the winner's
box both mentally and physically. At times I wanted to let it all hang out and “just go for it”, but she would \
patiently rein me in and make me realize that she was the coach for a reason. She never argued. And that is what
makes her a great coach and trainer. With her vast knowledge and experience in all multi-sport fields she
doesn't have to yell and scream. Just listen and do what she says and you'll end up enjoying the benefits
that come from great coaching.

Since the accident I have completed the following races:

Race Location Time
Special note: During the marathon I ran a 42min 10K and I was 1:28:30 at the half marathon distance!You can see that under her skilled guidance I was getting faster. And I haven't even started to hit my stride yet!  
YMCA 5K Virginia Beach, VA 20:00
Crescent City Classic New Orleans, LA 44:37
Dismal Swamp Half Marathon Virginia Beach, VA 1:35:15
Rock-N-Roll Marathon San Diego, CA 3:23:40

If you've stumbled across this site or been referred by a friend, I assure you that nothing but faster results and
greatness comes from allowing yourself to be instructed by Denise.”

-Dan Hathorn

“Talented and Knowledgeable! Denise coached me through my first year of triathlon and in just my second attempt,
she helped me take twenty-six minutes off my Ironman 70.3 time. Denise provides an upbeat and energetic approach to
training that is rivaled by few! Thanks Denise!”

-Lewyn Poage

“Denise has been my running coach for over a year. I can honestly say that she knows my running abilities better than
I do myself. Before her I had no clue on how to train for any type of distance run. With her expertise and
individualized training plan, along with the personal meetings, she has reduced both my full and half marathon finish
times significantly. She always goes the extra “mile” making sure that your training fits your individual needs, and
is always on the lookout for those little issues that may arise which could pose problems. Her number one goal is
to get you to be the most efficient and healthiest athlete that you can be. With Denise you get to set your own
goals, and she will make sure that you reach (or even surpass) them.”

-Jim Mengert

“Even after a few sessions with Denise, I can already see the benefits of the consistent workouts and scheduling. Denise
is able to work around your work/personal schedules to create training plans that are doable and fun.”

-Rebecca Wolf

I started training with Denise in April of '08. I can't even remember what my initial goal was, but shortly after
starting I was convinced (by Denise) that I could run a half marathon. She and I recently looked back on those initial
training plans, and how humbling is it to see that your initial goals were only to run for 20-30 minutes total?
Fourteen months later I've run several small local races, 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon, completed my first triathlon,
and am training for a half Ironman. Denise's knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and her desire to help you reach your goals
will push you to places you never thought you would be. And she understands, and works with you, to develop a training plan that
works with the other commitments and responsibilities in your life.

-Amy Peacock

As a “newbie” to the sport of triathlon, Denise has been instrumental in assuring success. Her experience, attitude
& motivation has made the journey thoroughly enjoyable. The personalized training program & coaching that she has
provided allowed me to complete my first triathlon with results far better than what I would have been able to
accomplish had I tried to figure it out all on my own. Denise will continue to be my coach, as I plan to train for more
races & longer distances.

-Tom Vizioli

Denise has shown me what it is to believe in myself. I am someone who does not consider herself super athletic, Denise
has shown me how much I can get better and has encouraged me to take on things I never thought I would be able to do.
Throughout my time with her I have become not only a better athlete, but have also developed more self confidence.
If you're looking for someone to guide you down the right path and give you encouragement along the way to reaching your
goals, you need to look no further.
Thanks Denise!

-Danielle Budzius