Happy New … Quarter!



2014 is a week old…how are those resolutions going?

Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Have you already bailed on them? Maybe you didn’t even make any because they never work out.

I wrote a blog a couple of years ago suggesting you set goals instead of making resolutions. Goals just have more a more positive feel to them, imply a favorable result and also require a plan, usually detailed, to get there. Experts, whether they be diet, fitness or business, alway stress the importance at this time of year of setting smaller goals along the way – achievable ones! – to keep motivated. As athletes, we’re pretty good at setting goals and mapping out a plan to achieve them, picking smaller races along the way. But when your race is months away, maybe even more than a year, keeping your sights in the target can be difficult. Maybe you have some goals that don’t involve athletics that you’d like to achieve this year as well.

For the first time in quite a few years I have made some actual resolutions as well as set several goals, not all PR or race related. While feeling excited about making these resolutions stick, I could already feel that a target 12 months away, or without even a specific end date, was setting me up for trouble.

So, I had an idea.

Let’s just focus on the first quarter! Three months! 90 days! Even if you didn’t make any resolutions, why not make some now, or look at your goals for the year and pare them down to just the next 3 months! Simple and oh so manageable!

Apply it to everything you want to work on…pounds to lose, money to save, recipes to try, books to read, miles to swim, bike, run… I also encourage you to write down whatever it is, that really does help make it real. And if you want, let a family member or close friend in on your plan to help hold you more accountable. And don’t forget to forgive yourself for any slips along the way!

I’ll check back in at the end of March, let you know how I feel like I did with my resolutions, you can let me know how yours went and we’ll hit the reset button for the second quarter!

Happy New Quarter everyone!