Is it Time to Refresh Your RoadID?




Even if you choose not to make resolutions, January is still the month we all tend to take stock of things. Clean out cupboards and closets, get a fresh start. I have one for you…do you need a new RoadID? Are the phone numbers still accurate?

Maybe your contacts have moved, changed numbers, made a name change, maybe you need to change who your contacts are…Regardless take a few moments, check it out, make updates and get it ordered. And if you don’t have one, haven’t ever bothered…please do it now. You may not be riding outside consistently this time of year, and it’s for that reason that now is the time to order a new one and everything ready to roll for when you are.

And don’t forget about running.

We don’t always think about safety when running, but how often are you doing your weekday runs alone?

Forgive me for sounding like a paid spokesman for RoadID – I’m not! But this one little safety time every athlete needs to have so as you head out the door, don’t forget your reflective vest and please, please always wear your RoadID!