The Answer is REST!


The question is get out there and train…or not?

It’s that time of year where even the healthiest of us are not immune to some coughing and sniffles. And every year when that cold strikes, the question becomes do you suck it up, get out there and train or wimp out and opt for rest?

Sometimes the answer is obvious. If you can’t escape the bathroom for more than 15 minutes at a time, if you have a fever, chills, aches…rest is ALWAYS the right choice. Give yourself the time to recover and then bear in mind that recovery most certainly will require a couple of days of easy or moderate training sessions before returning to high intensity or volume. Those type of illnesses, even if short in duration, rank high on the energy and fuel stores depleation scale.
More often the answer is less black and white. Those sniffles, sinus pressure, throat tickle, cough.

A quick Google search will give dozens of articles offering variations of all the advice you have already heard…go if the symptoms are above the neck, don’t if they aren’t or wait, is it the reverse?

So my non-medical-degree-but-years-of-personal-experience-backed advice? Listen to your body…and then take a day off anyway!

Our bodies are truly amazing and they almost always let us know what they need, but we rarely listen. So if your body says it wants to rest, let it!!! I can almost promise you that pushing through instead of taking just one day off will at the very least lengthen the duration of the cold and potentially make you worse, or more susceptible to additional symptoms.

Now that I’ve preached that you need to do what your body tells you, I’m going to go against that and say even if you think you can push through – and that is most likely your brain talking and not your body – don’t do it. Take one day off, rest and hydrate well. See above for my reasoning!

Now I’m going to finish my bowl of steel cut oats with blueberries and almonds, grab my box of tissues and settle in for a day watching the Olympics…feel better everyone!