enjoy the journey...
Enjoying every bit of it.

My philosophy is really that simple.

Taking on a triathlon or marathon for the first time – or the 30th time – takes determination and work.

Entering a race distance you have never attempted, moving from a 10K to a half marathon or a half-iron tri to a full, takes courage. Starting lines can be much harder to reach than finish lines.

Zippy wheels and rider.

My goals for your journey to race day are that you accomplish things you never thought you could; that you find strength in your mind and body that you didn’t know you had; and along the way you find a lot of reasons to smile and be proud.

I promise you there will be a lot of hard work involved. I promise you there will be days when you ask yourself “why?”

But I also promise you many more days where you enjoyed the fact that you got out there and did something, that you ran a mile farther than you ever have, that you rode up a hill that once seemed impossible, that you look forward to the next day’s accomplishment.

Race day is the easy part! I will help you get to that starting line knowing that you are ready to take on the race and tackle anything the day throws at you.

I will tailor your workouts to your needs. We all have jobs, families, and commitments that pop up unexpectedly. I will help you to work around those unexpected obstacles because, above all else, this is supposed to be fun.

So go ahead and fill out that entry form. I’ll get you ready and make sure you enjoy the journey.